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Bucks County Family Law and Divorce Attorney Kevin Zlock celebrates the 25th anniversary of a very successful career as one of the top family law attorneys in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Kevin is a founding partner of Zlock & Coverdale, PC. The firm has offices in Langhorne-Newtown, PA and Doylestown, PA.
Kevin received his J.D. degree from the Dickinson School of Law at Pennsylvania State University in 1990. Previously, he received an undergraduate degree in History from Lehigh University. Kevin's practice focuses on divorce, custody, support, and property division issues, with the goal to resolve matters outside of court, but he is ready to litigate, if necessary. His wealth of experience allows him to provide clients with an understanding of how to structure and negotiate divorce settlements and to help them to determine how they should handle their assets and investments during divorce proceedings. Kevin assesses the short-term and long-term effects of dividing property, as well as of paying or receiving child support, spousal support/APL, and alimony. He creates a road map with the client's full participation to achieve satisfying results at the end of the divorce.
In order to tailor his approach to the individual client's situation, Kevin Zlock reviews his client's goals for life after divorce, which review includes determining earning potentials, projecting earnings on investments, collecting asset and expense data, and determining whether the client can assume the expenses of the marital residence, if desired, and if staying is not feasible or desired, calculating what the client can afford. In cases involving divorcing couples with children, he guides clients and assists them in determining what child-specific expenses they should anticipate when dividing the property, in terms of their children’s educational expenses (before and during college), childcare expenses, etc.
By all accounts, Kevin is best known for his proven track record of successfully litigating custody cases. While it is always his intent to settle custody issues outside of court, in a way that is in the best interests of the children, he is without a doubt a talented and tenacious litigator who is meticulously prepared for Court. He knows what his client's objectives are in each custody situation, and he helps the client meet those objectives. He spends hours to prepare his clients and put them at ease before testifying in Court. He goes through evidence in great detail to ensure that the case is adequately prepared for presentation in Court, and he excels in Court as a result.
Kevin also is very active in the Bucks County Community, and he is a dedicated philanthropist who supports the educational pursuits of underprivileged children and veterans of past and recent wars, as well as their families. Among his most prominent initiatives is the establishment of the Kevin Zlock Veterans Family Endowment at the Bucks County Community College, which is funded for the sole purpose of assisting veterans and their families in affording the rising costs of education. In appreciation of his numerous contributions to the Bucks County Community College, the college dedicated its Performing Arts Center to Kevin and his wife, naming it the Kevin and Sima Zlock Performing Arts Center. Kevin also received two special Congressional Recognitions for his philanthropic work on behalf of the Bucks County Community College.
In addition to his donations through the Bucks County Community College, Kevin has established the Zlock Family Scholarship Fund at the Princeton Day School, so that children from Bucks County, who could not have otherwise afforded the costs of education at a private school, could attend, regardless of the cost. He also established the Faculty Fund at PDS to support creating and teaching interdisciplinary courses and promote student independent research in the Upper School.
Kevin has been named a top Family and Divorce Attorney in Bucks County for 2011-2015 by many local and regional publications. He earned the rank of a Preeminent Attorney on Martindale Hubbell for Client Review and has held it for a number of years.
Kevin is a member of the Board of Directors of the Bucks County Bar Association and is the Chair of the Bucks County Bar Association Law Reporter. He also is a member of the American Bar and Pennsylvania Bar Associations.


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Family Law and Divorce Attorneys Zlock & Coverdale, PC dedicate their practice almost exclusively to divorce, child custody, child and spousal support, alimony and property division matters.

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